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Castle Rock Property Management Program

We have a robust Castle Rock Property Management system that is proven to help protect your property while yielding the highest possible financial return. Whether you are an individual rental property owner or a seasoned investor, we take over the work of being a landlord so you don’t have to deal with the hassle and headaches. We handle all Castle Rock residential property types including single family, multifamily, townhouses, and apartments, and we’re available to service your Castle Rock area property 7 days a week. Our standard program includes an array of professional property management services to help your investment in real estate be successful.

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Your property will be advertised to over 20 different rental websites to ensure maximum exposure to prospective renters.


As we receive responses to our advertisements on your property, we’ll follow up with prospective tenant leads to answer their questions and arrange a private showing. Prospects are always accompanied by one of our associates or a licensed real estate agent from another firm.

Tenant Screening

We’ll perform background checks on prospective renters to ensure we select a quality tenant. Our background screening includes credit, criminal, eviction and sexual offender histories.

Lease Preparation

The cornerstone of the landlord/tenant relationship is the lease agreement. We’ll prepare a professional lease agreement that is written to protect your investment.

Rent Collection

We’ll collect the rent from your tenants each month and we offer them the convenience of paying online at no additional charge.

Delinquency Processing

We aggressively pursue delinquent tenants to ensure rent is paid in a timely manner. Tenants penalized for late payments and served legal notices in accordance with Colorado law to ensure compliance.


Should an eviction become necessary, we handle everything for you by coordinating with an expert landlord/tenant attorney. All court costs are deducted from tenant’s security deposit so you don’t have to come out of pocket.


Investment real estate should be treated like a business. As such, you’ll be provided with monthly cash flow statements, a year end summary statement, and yearly Form 1099-MISC to aid you or your accountant with your tax preparation.


We handle all maintenance calls and coordinate repairs with competent professionals. We’ll consult with you and obtain your approval for repairs that exceed a pre-authorized amount.


Multiple inspections are conducted throughout the year to ensure your asset’s protection.

Submit Tenant Balance to Collections

Should a tenant vacate your rental owing a balance, we submit them to collections to increase likelihood of future payment against the debt.

Owner Portal

Login to your account 24 hours per day to view your account histories, monthly statements, maintenance invoices, and copies of lease agreements.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take to rent my property?

The length of time a property is on the market depends on multiple factors. The number one factor is the price. A property priced too high above the average rent for the area can stay on the market significantly longer than if it had been priced appropriately at the start. Other factors include location, condition, and cleanliness. While we cannot guarantee how fast we can rent your property, our goal is to rent it in 30 days or less. However, in 2015, our median time to rent a property was 22 days!

How do you charge your fees?

Our fees are based on a percentage of the collected rent and are only charged when rent is paid. There are no up front fees and we do not charge for advertising. Simply put, if you’re not making money, we’re not being paid.

Where will you advertise my property?

We primarily utilize internet based advertising. Studies conducted by the National Association of REALTORS® have shown that prospects that come from internet advertising generally make more money and are better qualified than those coming from print based media. Internet advertising also enables us to reach prospects living out of the area looking to move to Castle Rock. Your property will be listed on a approximately 20 different websites to ensure maximum exposure. Which websites varies over time based on the response we’re receiving via those sites.

Who pays for advertising?

We pay for all costs associated with the advertising in our program. Our philosophy is that we should bear the up front expense of advertisement as our incentive to rent your property. If there is any specific advertising that you want which is not included in our standard advertising program, that would be at your cost. Most of our owners, however, recognize that we are experts in the renting of homes and leave the advertising to us.

Do I get a say in the rental price?

Absolutely! We manage the home; we don’t own it. We recognize that the rent price significantly affects your bottom line and as such, you absolutely have the final say in the rent price. We will conduct a market analysis for you to determine what we believe the average fair market rent is for the area and will highly suggest you market it at or near that price. With that information, you can determine what price you want.

How do showings work?

We conduct all of the showings for you. If you are still living in the property, or you have a current tenant finishing up a lease in the property, we will call ahead to notify occupants of a scheduled showing. If it’s vacant, we will simply show at will. In all cases, we will install a lockbox on the property to house a key. WE NEVER GIVE OUR CODES OUT TO PROSPECTS and they will always be accompanied by one of our associates, or a licensed real estate agent with another firm. Due to our detailed advertising, we rarely have to show a property more than 2-3 times before it rents.

Do you perform background checks on possible renters?

One benefit of renting your home through a management company is we have the ability to do thorough background checks. Our background check includes an evaluation of the applicant’s credit history, criminal records, sex offender records, and eviction histories. Serious felony convictions as well as any evictions in that previous 5 years will disqualify an applicant.

Who prepares the lease agreement?

We do. We have a very comprehensive, attorney reviewed lease agreement that covers almost every possible situation that can arise in a Landlord/Tenant relationship. Our Management Agreement with you gives us the authority to sign the lease on your behalf eliminating the hassle of having to send paperwork back and forth between multiple parties. We always send you a copy of all leases we execute on your property and it is also available for download anytime from your Owner Portal.

Do I get to hold the security deposit?

No. While we are managing your property, we hold all security deposits in our escrow Account and in accordance with escrow procedures levied on us by the Colorado Real Estate Commission. This relieves you of having to adhere to the accounting requirements placed on landlords holding security deposits.

When will I get rent each month?

Owner distributions of on-time monthly rental funds are conducted on or before the 10th day of each month. This allows time for tenant rental payments to fully clear in accordance with escrow laws.

Do you inspect my property to ensure the tenants are taking care of it?

Yes. We have four different inspection types. The first is the Move-in Inspection which is conducted prior to the tenant taking occupancy to document the condition of the property. During the term of the tenant’s residency we will conduct frequent Drive-by Exterior Inspections to insure the lawn is being maintained, vehicles are being parked appropriately, and that the overall curb presence of the property is being maintained. The third type is a Full Interior Inspection which we complete at least every 6 months during the course of the lease to ensure the tenants are maintaining the interior of the property and not causing any damage. The last type is the Move-out Inspection which is conducted after the tenant has fully moved all of their belongings out and turned in keys. We document the condition at that time and compare it to the Move-in Inspection to determine if a claim on the security deposit is necessary.

How do repairs get handled?

We relieve you of the hassle of receiving maintenance calls from tenants. If the tenants have a maintenance request, they can either submit them to us online through the Tenant Portal or call our maintenance department which is available to receive calls 24-hours. We will notify and obtain authorization from you first prior to conducting any non-emergency repair exceeding $250. In the event of an emergency (i.e. pipe burst, electrical sparking, etc.), we will immediately dispatch a maintenance professional in order to prevent further damage and notify you as soon as possible. In most cases, the next months rent will provide sufficient funds to cover any repairs and it will not be necessary for you to send funds.

What if the tenants don't pay rent or are damaging my property?

Our tenants are made aware upfront that delinquent rental payments are not tolerated. If rent has not been paid, or the tenant is otherwise not complying with the terms of their lease (such as damage), we serve the appropriate notices of non-compliance and, if necessary, will file eviction against the tenants to force them to move out.

How is the security deposit claimed if there are damages to my home after the tenant moves?

After we complete the Move-out Inspection, we will determine what, if any, cleaning or repairs need to be made that are the tenant’s responsibility. We will then claim the security deposit accordingly. The procedure to claim a tenant’s security deposit is strictly governed by Colorado Statutes and we ensure we follow the procedure to the letter.

Do you provide me with financial statements?

Yes. We provide monthly cash flow statements each month and make them accessible via the secure Owner Portal for download at your convenience. We also will prepare and send you an IRS Form 1099 at the conclusion of the tax year to assist you with the preparation of your income tax return as well as a Year End statement listing all income and expenses for the concluded tax year.

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We’re so confident in our ability to rent your home (have you read our reviews?) that we allow you to cancel anytime, without penalty, by giving 24-hours notice while your Castle Rock property is vacant. There are no upfront start up fees, maintenance reserve fees, or advertising fees. If you signup with us and have a change of heart – even if it’s the next day – you can cancel without penalty.

Denver Property Management Guarantee
Denver Property Management Communication

Communications, Communications, Communications

HERE’S A NEWS FLASH… We answer our phones, return voice mails, and respond to emails. And we do it promptly! We never lose sight of the fact that this is your rental home; not ours! As such, you have every right to expect to be kept informed of what is going on with your rental and we deliver on that expectation. When your Castle Rock property is managed by Integrity, you’ll be notified:

  • In advance when any maintenance is ordered on your home, NOT when you get the bill

  • After inspection are completed on your home notifying you of the results

  • Of the income & expenses on your home through detailed monthly and yearly statements

  • Anytime there is a tenant issue, non-compliance, or late rent payment

  • Anytime your Castle Rock Property Manager simply wants to check in with you and let you know how things are going


We use innovative and high tech methods to efficiently manage your asset. Within the Owner Portal, you can view your cash flow statements (see a sample) and maintenance invoices.

Tenants can pay their rent online at no additional charge increasing the likelihood of on-time payments. If they have a maintenance problem, they can submit an electronic trouble ticket (see a sample). Prospective renters can view our Castle Rock properties online, apply online, and if approved, sign the lease… ONLINE! (see lease sample) By taking advantage of these efficiencies which technology affords us, you’ll find we’re able to offer fees that are economical. You’ll also find that our fees are easily offset by our ability to net you more money through obtaining higher rents, lower vacancies, better qualified tenants, and cheaper maintenance costs.

Castle Rock Property Management is what we specialize in and we adhere to stringent standards set by the Colorado Real Estate Commission. When your property is managed by our team, you don’t have to worry about researching and complying with the countless number of landlord/tenant laws. We’re experts in our field and ensure the details of managing your property are looked after.

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