CollectionsIdeally, when a tenant moves out, a move-out inspection would be conducted, everything would check out perfectly, and the tenant would receive a full refund of their security deposit. But what happens when the tenant owes rent, fees, and the costs to repair damages exceeds the security deposit? Most Landlords just get frustrated and end up writing it off as one of the pains of dealing with tenants, never to see a dime.

Not when your home is managed by Integrity Realty & Management. When you use us, we can submit your tenant balances to a collections agency thereby having the debt follow the tenant and increase the likelihood of payment in the future. This makes it difficult for them to buy a car, purchase a home, and especially, rent another house without paying you first. Why should they get out scot-free and stick you with the bill? We help you level the playing field by providing you with a collection resource that independent Landlords don’t have.
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