Property Showing Tips

While price and location are the primary things that affect how fast a property rents, there are some things you can do as a new owner client to help your property present better to potential renters.

  • Have utilities turned on. A house that is not climate controlled is not pleasant for showings and is hard to view without lights.
  • Ensure all lighting fixtures work and burned out bulbs are replaced.
  • Ensure the house has a good curb appeal. The yard should be mowed, weed whacked, edged, bushes trimmed, and present and overall neat and tidy appearance.
  • Interior of the home should be “sparkle clean” with carpets professionally steam cleaned and no foul odors.
  • If occupied, pets should be confined during showings.
  • Miscellaneous repair items should be addressed such as loose door knobs tightened, sinks and tubs caulked, broken locks replaced, ripped/missing screens repaired/replaced, broken or missing window coverings repaired/replaced, etc.

We have a list of highly qualified vendors who can complete any of these tasks and we are happy to coordinate the work should you wish to contract it out.

Denver Property Management